Let me first start off this blog by saying that I never started this blog with the intent to write about my opinions of other people.  However, an experience yesterday really made me wonder why the concept of being kind and patient is so hard to understand.

Yesterday Jared and I went to vote in Bedminster for the school budgets (which didn’t pass by the way).  We got there the same time as an elderly gentleman who was walking very slowly to the door.  He was having some trouble walking, and we caught up to him quickly, but we let him go in ahead of us.  Let’s just say he was taking longer than usual to submit his vote.  (He said later that he was trying to do a write-in, which he was having trouble with).  As we were waiting in line to push the button, a woman ahead of me was clearly getting extremely annoyed with him.  She was tapping her foot, commenting very loudly to those behind us that it doesn’t take that long to do, asking the polling person if he was ok in there, remarking that she had a meeting to at 7, saying she knew how he was going to vote anyway, so could she just do it for him….all loud enough for practically the whole area to hear, except for this poor man.

Let me say first that this particular woman rubbed me the wrong way when she turned around, looked at me, and asked if it was my “first time voting.”  I informed her as politely as I could that she was about 8 years late for that.  I know I look young, and I know “one day I’ll appreciate that” but when you work hard to ensure people will respect you for your professionalism, being mistaken for 18 is more than an insult.  And there was really no need to comment on my age at all.  But I digress…

Voting is something that everyone has the right to do, young or old, no matter how they vote.  I’m sorry if this woman found herself to be so important that she couldn’t wait in line an extra 2 minutes.  Everyone is busy, however, I never EVER find it acceptable to make comments like the ones she was making, particularly at a voting booth.  The way people vote is no one’s business but their own, and to be honest, running in to people that behave like that does not encourage me at all to go out and vote or get involved in the dealings of the town.  I really had half a mind to say something to her about how inappropriate it was, but I guess I actually learned how to respect my elders.  Even if I do look 18.

It just strikes me sometimes how the basic principles of respect, patience and kindness can be forgotten, even by those that would consider themselves to be adults.