Well, the wedding is over.  No longer will I need to spend my weeks pouring through bridal sites trying to uncover the secrets for a successful wedding.  I am working on a series of posts to wrap up our wedding journey, but we can’t forget about the long-neglected Features Friday, can we???  So, without further ado, Features Friday will now just focus on great sites around the Web, whether they’re related to weddings, marriage or just cool stuff in general.

I can’t think of a better transitionary site than The Nest.  Run by our friends at The Knot.com, The Nest helps those of us brides going through The Knot withdrawal by providing us with resources we can use for our new married lives.  After all, what will I do now that I don’t have a checklist or budget sheet to fill out obsessively?

From Home Buying Help to Money Management to fun sex tips, The Nest continues the Knot.com’s mission to provide useful and fun content.  Although I haven’t spent too much time looking around yet, I’m sure The Nest will provide plenty of content to amuse me on those slow days.  Since the real estate search is our next fish to fry, I expect to be turning to The Nest for a quick read on what we should and shouldn’t be doing!