My brother and sister are very important to me.  Out of everyone in my life, they’ve been my strongest supporters.  For that reason, I wanted to get them something special to thank them at my wedding for everything they’ve done.

My favorites 🙂

I have to admit, it was not easy choosing something that would express to them how much they meant to me.  I wanted something deeply personal, that could reflect what the three of us have shared. In my mind, I had a vision of a special frame with a quote that demonstrates how much we mean to each other.  I searched for a long time online, but was severely disappointed with the options.  A lot of places didn’t leave enough space for personalization, or added hokey messages that meant nothing to us.

I finally found Personalization Mall, and I’m so happy I did!  The options on the site were a bit overwhelming, but I was just glad to have choices!  I chose the Personalized 5 Photo Collage Canvas with Frame. This allowed 4 rows of personalization up to 20 characters each, along with another inscription that could have our names.  It was really exactly what I was looking for, already packaged in a frame so I didn’t have to spend extra money to find the perfect one.

Sample of the frame I bought

I do have to admit, uploading photos to the site was difficult.  I wanted to use some baby pictures, and scanning them in and altering them to be the right fit for the site took forever.  I chose the black and white option, because I honestly was afraid of how the pictures would look. I had nightmares that it would be low quality.  Once all the pictures were uploading, the online tool walks you through cropping them and arranging them in pre-determined spots. Also a bit of a difficult task, making the images I wanted fit.  However, with Jared’s help, I finished it up and was able to submit the order.

I was truly impressed with how beautiful these were.  Delivery was timely and they were packaged very securely, ensuring they wouldn’t get roughed up before I had the chance to present them.  Kelly and Mark seemed to like them a lot!

I had such a positive experience with this site!  If you’re looking for something truly personal and special, this is really the best place to get the job done.