I had one goal for our honeymoon:  to not schedule ourselves to death each day to the point of forgetting we’re actually on vacation.  Both Jared and I had talked about taking a cruise as our next big trip, so after we got engaged, that was an easy item to check off the list.  Jared had cruised with Celebrity before, and the ship left from NJ the day after our wedding.  Super easy choice.

There are a lot of elements to review about our trip on the Celebrity Summit, so  I’m going to break this into sections.  First, let’s start with the most important element of all:  service.

Celebrity Summit Docked in Bermuda

Jared handled the booking through a travel agent, so we can’t really speak too much about the service of the reservations department.  We didn’t have any trouble, so I’m guessing they were great.

Overall, we had an outstanding experience with the crew of the Celebrity.  From our statehouse attendant to the sommeliers to the activities personnel, everyone made us feel as if we were the most important couple on the ship.

Our statehouse attendant was a fabulous man.  He remembered us and ensured that we received two gift packages that had been purchased to help us celebrate our honeymoon.  He was easy to find when we needed something and super accommodating.  When we couldn’t finish our first bottle of champagne, he made room in the fridge to ensure it wouldn’t go to waste.  The room was always immaculate, and it was very easy to have our questions answered.

Our favorite part of the trip was probably the Celebrity Life wine tasting events.  The sommeliers on board were knowledgeable without being stuck up and so personable, we felt like they had been our friends forever.  Whenever we would be at dinner, they’d remember us, and even remembered our room number to retrieve our bottles of wine.  The atmosphere they created was just fantastic for those of us that love wine, but may not know all there is to know about it.  Can’t say enough great things about them!

Although we did not interact much with the cruise ship activities director, we always felt very welcome at any events we went to, including a special party for honeymooners.  The activities crew was engaging without being over the top annoying, which made us feel very comfortable wherever we were.

While Celebrity may not be the best choice for people our age, I can probably guarantee that you’re not going to find service like this on any other cruise ship!  I’ve got more reviews to come, so stay tuned!