I’ll admit it.  I love photos, but I hate printing them out at kiosks at places like Wal Mart and Shop Rite.  There’s usually always a line, so once it’s your turn, you feel rushed or frazzled, plus I never do it often enough, so I always have tons I want to print, and it takes forever.  Not to mention there’s usually not a soul around when you need an associate to punch in the password.  Moral of that story is, I’m interested in ANY method that allows me to not have to deal with that.

I had heard of Snapfish before a million times, but never used it.  Sometimes I don’t trust Web sites that promise high quality photos for your uploads.  But, this time, I was desperate to have some photos people had taken at the wedding without having to ask them to print them for me.  Snapfish allows you to create an account, upload photos, edit them, and have them sent directly to your home (or you can pick them up-if you like that sort of thing).

No more picture printing confusion!

I was in heaven.  The first thing I did was ask my sister for access to her account so I could print all the great pictures she took at my bachelorette party as well as during the wedding.  Once I submitted that order, I started my own account and saved some pictures from Facebook to it and had Jared save our honeymoon pictures there.  In about 10 minutes time, I had ordered over 60 pictures that were going to be delivered in a few days’ time.  And the price?  Only about $13, which included printing and shipping!!

The quality of the pictures was a mixed bag.  For the ones that were uploaded to the site directly from our cameras, these came out beautifully.  For the ones I took from Facebook, their quality was only ok.  I did have the option to choose to have them resized for better quality, but I didn’t choose that.  Maybe I should have.  However, for my purposes, everything was just fine for what I needed!

I’ve used other sites like Kodak before, and I know WalMart allows you to upload photos to their Web site that you can pick up in store, but I have to say I think Snapfish has the best prices for photos of all the sites I’ve used, without slapping you with a huge shipping charge to make up for it.  Gone are my frustrating days of waiting in line! Yay!!