I’m a Jersey girl, through and through.  And I also love to read.  Last year, I got a promotion in the mail to receive New Jersey Monthly at a very reduced rate.  I figured since Jared and I are interested in events around the state, and since I could blog about them, I should start reading up.  🙂

A lot of magazines these days are doing a decent job driving people to their web sites.  However, that’s actually something I forget to do most days-when I’m reading, I rarely ever have a computer by me and by the time I’m at a computer, I’ve forgotten what I want to look up.  Yet New Jersey Monthly is a site I find myself visiting pretty often.

My favorite feature?  The Towns and Schools section, that includes the 2010 list of the Best Places to Live in New Jersey.  Since we’re doing our house search, this feature has been invaluable to us.  (Although, Bedminster, where we currently live, is #1, so we’ll only be going downhill no matter where we go….)

New Jersey Monthly also does a great job with its e-newsletters, something I typically never subscribe to from magazines. I usually find that these are a re-iteration of articles I’ve already read.  However, I’m definitely loving Side Dish, as I’ve mentioned.  Since we’re always looking for great, non-chain restaurants, Side Dish does a great job of continuing the awesome restaurant features in the actual magazine without being repetitive.

Finally, if you’re looking for events in an easily search-able fashion, the New Jersey Monthly events section is the perfect platform for finding activities in your area and beyond.

From the extended event and restaurant listings to the fun, personal stories of other restaurants, New Jersey Monthly has done a fantastic job bridging the gap between print and online.  Enjoy, my fellow Jersey kids, and have a great and safe Jersey Fourth of July Weekend!