Jared and I are kind of in love with the New Brunswick restaurant scene.  Maybe it’s because I can’t get enough of college towns, but every time we head down there, I’m never dissapointed.  Jared and his coworkers have been to Harvest Moon Brewery before, and Jared was dying to take me.  I read in New Jersey Monthly that they had a new brewmaster, so we decided to go for lunch last weekend.

Harvest Moon’s ambience is not dissimilar to other breweries we’ve been to.  We sat upstairs, and were trying to figure out what the building used to be.  Maybe a factory?  At any rate, the list of beers was also pretty comparable to other breweries.  As always, I went with the lightest beer, the MoonLight Kolschbier, and Jared went with the sampler.

Here’s the one thing I usually hate about samplers-they take up the whole table.  Seriously, at Long Valley, this is an issue for me.  I hate crowded tables.  The sampler at Harvest Moon was perfectly shaped.  You can see it over here on the right.   Jared even remarked that he liked how the shape left room for a plate.  My other pet peeve with breweries is when they are out of almost every beer on the list just because it’s a weekend.  Harvest Moon was only out of 1 beer that was listed, which they were able to replace with hard cider, which worked out well for me.

Harvest Moon Brewery Sampler

I was impressed with the Kolschbier.  Typically, the light beers at breweries, in my opinion, also have the least flavor.  Jared even agreed that this was not the case with the Kolschbier at Harvest Moon.  It was still a light flavor, but was still noticeable in just the right way.

The lunch menu at Harvest Moon was also pretty decent.  I had read great things about their pizza in New Jersey Monthly, so I tried the Chicken Caesar Pizza.  I wasn’t quite sure how I would like it, but it was actually very good.  Not too heavy, and the crust was perfectly thin without being too hard.  Loved eating it during the week as leftovers for lunch too!  Jared had the Fajita Salad, which also looked like an excellent choice.  Can’t go wrong with a tortilla bowl!

As he always does, Jared bought a growler and he actually chose the MoonLight Kolschbier, which was perfect for me, since I loved it.  Usually, he gets a growler filled with something darker that I’m not a fan of, and then it goes to waste.  The Kolshbier growler certainly did not go to waste!

Overall, Harvest Moon is a great option for lunch, and I’m sure dinner or any other outing.  I’d be interested to see how the atmosphere changes when Rutgers is back in session.  But maybe most college kids aren’t fans of craft brews.  😉

My Rating:  9/10

Harvest Moon Brewery
392 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ