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Interesting study about the role of exercise is helping to rest your brain in a way that might make you eat less.  Wordy and scientific, but definitely interesting!

And yes, I know, I’ve been failing at this blog thing.  Between closing on the house and a crazy work schedule, I’m lucky I even know what day it is.  Hopefully will get back to this soon!


I’ve written about Ebates in the past, but thought I’d take some time this Friday to encourage you all to sign up!  After all, back to school season is almost in full swing, and for us working girls and guys, who couldn’t use a new fall wardrobe and some extra spending money?

Ok, my motive is a bit selfish, too.  Ebates is running a promotion where I can receive a $500 bonus for referring 50 people.  Um, yes please!  So help me out, and help yourself out!  Visit the link below to sign up and start getting your own checks in the mail!

I’ve received about $35 from my purchases online to date.  Not a ton, but it’s more than I get for shopping at other stores!  Also, did I mention that if you sign up, you’ll get to choose your own free bonus?  To the tune of a $10 gift card?  What are you waiting for?

Call me crazy, but I’m the kind of person that kind of needs something sweet after dinner to feel like I’m done eating.  I’m also the kind of person that doesn’t consider fruit to be dessert.  Unless it’s dipped in chocolate.  But, it goes without saying that when you’re counting calories and watching your intake, dessert can tip you over the edge hardcore.

I’ve tried a lot of different low calorie desserts, so I thought I’d share the “best of the best” in the ice cream category as we hit some more hot and humid days.  Here are my personal faves:

Breyer’s 160 Calorie Ice Cream Sandwiches:  This is a recent discovery that I read about in Hungry Girl that I’m absolutely over the moon for.  There are a lot of great flavors, from Cookie Dough to Chocolate Caramel Brownie.  When I took them out of the package, I was worried they would be too small, but the shape of the cookie actually made it bigger than it looked.  The cookie tasted great, and the ice cream was still creamy and flavorful.  A fabulous after dinner snack!

Skinny Cow Single Serve Cups:  This is probably one of the best inventions ever.  When I first saw these cups, I thought, hmmm, these are very tiny, I can probably only get one spoonful out of here.  And for 150-170 calories, I wouldn’t have been surprised about that.  I was so wrong.  The cups make me think I’m eating a pint of ice cream, and sometimes I’m not even able to finish the whole thing, which is very unusual for me.  Filling, great flavors, and a great mind trick all in one awesome cup.  We won’t mention the fact that my fav flavor, Caramel Cone, happens to be the 170 calorie option.  Go figure 😉

Skinny Cow Cones:  I sound like a rep for Skinny Cow, but their ice cream products seriously can’t be beat.  I’m not usually a fan of ice cream cones, but the Mint with Fudge is always a refreshing option.  And you get to eat a cone for 150 calories.  Seriously?  I’ll take that…

Smart Ones Desserts:  While the portions are absurdly small, Smart Ones still offers a great mix of guilt free dessert options.  The taste is pretty great once it’s defrosted.  Jared and I are a big fan of the sundaes.  While I’ve kind of fallen out of love with Smart Ones in general, from time to time we still hit up their dessert options.

So that’s it-the best of the best ice-creamy desserts that you can eat without the guilt!  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

My girlfriends and I recently spent a fabulous Friday evening at Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant Beach. The band playing this past Friday night, Drop Dead Sexy, had to be one of my all time favorite cover bands I’ve ever seen. From the “Boy Band” medley to a number of awesome hip hop songs, Drop Dead Sexy really knows how to work a crowd.

There aren’t too many cover bands I would get so into that I’d visit their Web site first thing Monday morning and look into seeing them again, but Drop Dead Sexy was just that good!

Check them out! And check back for pictures from Friday night’s show. We were front and center, and hopefully you’ll see our smiling faces dancing the night away. 🙂

I came across Eatocracy the other day as a result of a post called Dining and Dating:  The Food of Love.  Taste of Home posted this on their Facebook wall with a catchy call out quote that tempted me to click through.  The call out quote that caught my eye was:  “Could you stay seriously involved with someone who didn’t care about food the way you do?”  Obviously, I had to find out what wonderful site was posing such important questions.

I had no idea that CNN had a portion of its site with this nomenclature.  At first I just thought maybe CNN covered a blog called Eatocracy. Imagine my surprise to find this was part of CNN.  And now I have to say I’m pretty obsessed.

From fun articles like the above and yesterdays about “Picky Dinner Pals” there is so much to relate to on this blog.  I find myself nodding along and laughing at the writers’ descriptions of people and personal feelings.  AND I absolutely love the polls they put at the end of every article.  There is seriously nothing better to get people engaged with your posts than polls.  Not that Eatocracy has a problem with that.  As of last count, the Picky Dinner Pals post generated 90 some comments.  Pretty impressive for a blog all about food!

The site is broken up into several different tabs:  The Home Page, News, Bite, Sip, Make, Think, and Buzz. If you don’t have a lot of time, these categories make it easy to find the stories that would be most interesting for you to read, oh, I don’t know, during your lunch break maybe?  🙂

Eatocracy is intelligent and fun at the same time, making it a site I want to visit every day.  Eat up!

Since I’m WAY too lazy to upload all of these photos to Facebook (actually, I never turn my home computer on long enough to do that) I figured I’d share them through my blog.

We went to Bermuda after our wedding for a 7 day cruise with Celebrity!  I’m wishing I was still on the ship!

Click here to view photos

I admit it.  Not only have I fallen off the blog wagon, I’ve also fallen off the workout wagon.  Blame it on getting home late from work and home buying craziness.  Netflix keeps me honest though:  when I receive workout DVDs from our queue, it motivates me to give them a try at least for a few weeks consistently before sending them back!

I recently worked with 10 Minute Solution Carb and Calorie Burner.  My roomates in DC and I used to do some 10 Minute solution DVDs together, and I enjoy the one I own.    10 Minute Solution DVDs are just that-a series of 10 minute workouts designed for people with minimal time.  While I can never bring myself to just do 1 or 2, I find the structure motivates me to keep going, rather than turning the DVD off after only 30 minutes.

10 Minute Solution Carb and Calorie Burner

In my experience, the 10 Minute Solution workouts I’ve done are certainly not as challenging as my friend Jillian.  However, it’s been 90 degrees+ out, and in our house, that translates to really super freaking hot.  In this weather, I’m not really motivated to train with Jillian.  No excuse, I know, but when I’m not motivated, that means I won’t even lace up my sneakers and try.  At least the 10 minute solutions got me going again, even when it was hot out.

The carb and calorie burner was a refreshing addition to my usual mix.  Michelle uses 5 circuits to burn calories effectively.  Slow and Steady Burn kept a comfortable, yet almost too easy, pace.  Carb Killer incorporated some of my beloved kickboxing moves, yet also seemed a little slow paced compared to what I’m used to.  Power Blast and Interval Burn were definitely more targeted to some plyometric moves that really got my heart rate up.  The last segment, Metabolism Booster, incorporated easy moves with weights and allowed me to use a heavier set than my usual 3 pounds.

Overall, I felt like this was a decent workout for getting me back upstairs and jumping around.  While I would have liked to see some more challenging moves throughout, the later segments certainly got my heart pumping.  One of my favorite features with the 10 minute solutions is that you can create your own workout, moving the segments around before you get started.  I found when I started with some of the later segments, I was able to power through a bit better.

Next up:  One-on-One Training with Jackie! This is a DVD my boss swears by, so I’m anxious to see how it stacks up!

All of us have seen or heard of Consumer Reports, but to be honest, this is never a magazine I would have gotten a subscription to.  For the one time every few years I need to buy cars or major appliances, the magazine seemed to really only serve a once in awhile purpose.  And to be perfectly honest, the covers always had a bit too much of a male focus for me.  Then along comes Consumer Reports hipper little sister, the ShopSmart magazine.

Jared’s mom has this magazine sitting out often, and from the looks of the cover, it’s almost hard to believe it’s under the Consumer Reports name.  Hip, modern, and definitely attractive to a newly married, almost homeowner female in their 20s, ShopSmart is actually a magazine I’d read.  And Jared’s mom was nice enough to lend me her copy!

Although I just started the magazine yesterday, I’m already hooked.  From advice on what jeans to buy to grocery shopping hints and tricks to save money, this is really the perfect magazine for people who desire to be educated about their shopping choices, but don’t necessarily need advice on large items all the time.  From home renovations to lunch ideas, ShopSmart really covers a wide variety of needs in a modern way.

Still not ready to subscribe?  ShopSmart is probably one of the only magazines I’ve seen recently with full PDF versions of their articles on their Web site for those modern ladies that read everything online.  While the magazine is a bit more pricier than some of the ones I already receive (current promo advertises 6 for $18) I still think this is an investment worth making.

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