All of us have seen or heard of Consumer Reports, but to be honest, this is never a magazine I would have gotten a subscription to.  For the one time every few years I need to buy cars or major appliances, the magazine seemed to really only serve a once in awhile purpose.  And to be perfectly honest, the covers always had a bit too much of a male focus for me.  Then along comes Consumer Reports hipper little sister, the ShopSmart magazine.

Jared’s mom has this magazine sitting out often, and from the looks of the cover, it’s almost hard to believe it’s under the Consumer Reports name.  Hip, modern, and definitely attractive to a newly married, almost homeowner female in their 20s, ShopSmart is actually a magazine I’d read.  And Jared’s mom was nice enough to lend me her copy!

Although I just started the magazine yesterday, I’m already hooked.  From advice on what jeans to buy to grocery shopping hints and tricks to save money, this is really the perfect magazine for people who desire to be educated about their shopping choices, but don’t necessarily need advice on large items all the time.  From home renovations to lunch ideas, ShopSmart really covers a wide variety of needs in a modern way.

Still not ready to subscribe?  ShopSmart is probably one of the only magazines I’ve seen recently with full PDF versions of their articles on their Web site for those modern ladies that read everything online.  While the magazine is a bit more pricier than some of the ones I already receive (current promo advertises 6 for $18) I still think this is an investment worth making.