I admit it.  Not only have I fallen off the blog wagon, I’ve also fallen off the workout wagon.  Blame it on getting home late from work and home buying craziness.  Netflix keeps me honest though:  when I receive workout DVDs from our queue, it motivates me to give them a try at least for a few weeks consistently before sending them back!

I recently worked with 10 Minute Solution Carb and Calorie Burner.  My roomates in DC and I used to do some 10 Minute solution DVDs together, and I enjoy the one I own.    10 Minute Solution DVDs are just that-a series of 10 minute workouts designed for people with minimal time.  While I can never bring myself to just do 1 or 2, I find the structure motivates me to keep going, rather than turning the DVD off after only 30 minutes.

10 Minute Solution Carb and Calorie Burner

In my experience, the 10 Minute Solution workouts I’ve done are certainly not as challenging as my friend Jillian.  However, it’s been 90 degrees+ out, and in our house, that translates to really super freaking hot.  In this weather, I’m not really motivated to train with Jillian.  No excuse, I know, but when I’m not motivated, that means I won’t even lace up my sneakers and try.  At least the 10 minute solutions got me going again, even when it was hot out.

The carb and calorie burner was a refreshing addition to my usual mix.  Michelle uses 5 circuits to burn calories effectively.  Slow and Steady Burn kept a comfortable, yet almost too easy, pace.  Carb Killer incorporated some of my beloved kickboxing moves, yet also seemed a little slow paced compared to what I’m used to.  Power Blast and Interval Burn were definitely more targeted to some plyometric moves that really got my heart rate up.  The last segment, Metabolism Booster, incorporated easy moves with weights and allowed me to use a heavier set than my usual 3 pounds.

Overall, I felt like this was a decent workout for getting me back upstairs and jumping around.  While I would have liked to see some more challenging moves throughout, the later segments certainly got my heart pumping.  One of my favorite features with the 10 minute solutions is that you can create your own workout, moving the segments around before you get started.  I found when I started with some of the later segments, I was able to power through a bit better.

Next up:  One-on-One Training with Jackie! This is a DVD my boss swears by, so I’m anxious to see how it stacks up!