I came across Eatocracy the other day as a result of a post called Dining and Dating:  The Food of Love.  Taste of Home posted this on their Facebook wall with a catchy call out quote that tempted me to click through.  The call out quote that caught my eye was:  “Could you stay seriously involved with someone who didn’t care about food the way you do?”  Obviously, I had to find out what wonderful site was posing such important questions.

I had no idea that CNN had a portion of its site with this nomenclature.  At first I just thought maybe CNN covered a blog called Eatocracy. Imagine my surprise to find this was part of CNN.  And now I have to say I’m pretty obsessed.

From fun articles like the above and yesterdays about “Picky Dinner Pals” there is so much to relate to on this blog.  I find myself nodding along and laughing at the writers’ descriptions of people and personal feelings.  AND I absolutely love the polls they put at the end of every article.  There is seriously nothing better to get people engaged with your posts than polls.  Not that Eatocracy has a problem with that.  As of last count, the Picky Dinner Pals post generated 90 some comments.  Pretty impressive for a blog all about food!

The site is broken up into several different tabs:  The Home Page, News, Bite, Sip, Make, Think, and Buzz. If you don’t have a lot of time, these categories make it easy to find the stories that would be most interesting for you to read, oh, I don’t know, during your lunch break maybe?  🙂

Eatocracy is intelligent and fun at the same time, making it a site I want to visit every day.  Eat up!