Call me crazy, but I’m the kind of person that kind of needs something sweet after dinner to feel like I’m done eating.  I’m also the kind of person that doesn’t consider fruit to be dessert.  Unless it’s dipped in chocolate.  But, it goes without saying that when you’re counting calories and watching your intake, dessert can tip you over the edge hardcore.

I’ve tried a lot of different low calorie desserts, so I thought I’d share the “best of the best” in the ice cream category as we hit some more hot and humid days.  Here are my personal faves:

Breyer’s 160 Calorie Ice Cream Sandwiches:  This is a recent discovery that I read about in Hungry Girl that I’m absolutely over the moon for.  There are a lot of great flavors, from Cookie Dough to Chocolate Caramel Brownie.  When I took them out of the package, I was worried they would be too small, but the shape of the cookie actually made it bigger than it looked.  The cookie tasted great, and the ice cream was still creamy and flavorful.  A fabulous after dinner snack!

Skinny Cow Single Serve Cups:  This is probably one of the best inventions ever.  When I first saw these cups, I thought, hmmm, these are very tiny, I can probably only get one spoonful out of here.  And for 150-170 calories, I wouldn’t have been surprised about that.  I was so wrong.  The cups make me think I’m eating a pint of ice cream, and sometimes I’m not even able to finish the whole thing, which is very unusual for me.  Filling, great flavors, and a great mind trick all in one awesome cup.  We won’t mention the fact that my fav flavor, Caramel Cone, happens to be the 170 calorie option.  Go figure 😉

Skinny Cow Cones:  I sound like a rep for Skinny Cow, but their ice cream products seriously can’t be beat.  I’m not usually a fan of ice cream cones, but the Mint with Fudge is always a refreshing option.  And you get to eat a cone for 150 calories.  Seriously?  I’ll take that…

Smart Ones Desserts:  While the portions are absurdly small, Smart Ones still offers a great mix of guilt free dessert options.  The taste is pretty great once it’s defrosted.  Jared and I are a big fan of the sundaes.  While I’ve kind of fallen out of love with Smart Ones in general, from time to time we still hit up their dessert options.

So that’s it-the best of the best ice-creamy desserts that you can eat without the guilt!  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!