I’ve written about Ebates in the past, but thought I’d take some time this Friday to encourage you all to sign up!  After all, back to school season is almost in full swing, and for us working girls and guys, who couldn’t use a new fall wardrobe and some extra spending money?

Ok, my motive is a bit selfish, too.  Ebates is running a promotion where I can receive a $500 bonus for referring 50 people.  Um, yes please!  So help me out, and help yourself out!  Visit the link below to sign up and start getting your own checks in the mail!

I’ve received about $35 from my purchases online to date.  Not a ton, but it’s more than I get for shopping at other stores!  Also, did I mention that if you sign up, you’ll get to choose your own free bonus?  To the tune of a $10 gift card?  What are you waiting for?