Let’s ignore the fact that I’ve been MIA again, shall we?  🙂  Between late nights at work and prepping for our move tomorrow, life has kind of gotten away from me.

With everything packed for our move, I’ve had to relegate myself yet again for looking at what I refer to as my food fantasies.  For lack of a better PG term, lol.  For me, this is anything I’d really love to eat or bake but can’t due to diet restrictions or, in this case, the beautiful, pink, KitchenAid mixer being boxed up and hidden from me.

Want to know the best site for this?  Bakerella.  Hands down, some of the most lovely sweets I’ve ever laid eyes on.  With great contests and wonderful baking ideas, this site is a shoe-in for all of your fantastical needs.

Have I mentioned how awesome the visuals are?  From the step by step baking instructions to the lovely photos of events and other matters, this girl’s got it going ON.  Hence the fantasizing….

Try not to lick your screens…..