I’ve already sung the praises of Verizon FIOS and their awesome workout options.  And, I have FIOS to thank for leading me to my Friday feature!

I read about Exercise TV months ago in SELF magazine, but to be honest, with the way our internet connection was in Bedminster, there was no way I was interested in working out on a small little computer screen that took forever to load.  However, seeing their videos on FIOS intrigued me again, and I was very pleased with what I found on their site.

First and foremost, they do a fantastic job of driving people to their site.  The workouts that I chose to do had a calendar that you could print for a full plan available online.  Um, yes please!  Once I was there, I discovered there were a wealth of plans you could print online that correlated with what was on your On Demand service.

If you’re not as cool as me and don’t have FIOS, that’s ok.  You still can watch full length workout videos right on the site, as long as you don’t mind the small screen.  The options seem pretty diverse, which is great for a free service.  Even better, the ones I checked out are the right balance of challenging while not being over the top.

The Premium Pass is a new paid feature offered through the site that offers workout and nutrition plans that can be done easily from home.  It seems that plans start at around $10/month, and offer things like video download credits, 200 workouts, plans and playlists.  The highest plan goes for around $130 for 6 months and includes advanced features like a meal plan, subscription to SELF magazine, and ask the expert features.  Can’t say whether or not things like this are worth it-I guess it depends on what you need!  I will say this, though, considering some sports clubs can cost that per month, this might be a better option!

Exercise TV has really helped me kick my boring workout routines to the curb, with the option to offer variety in easily searchable fashions.  Since I’m nursing a pretty major knee injury, my focus has been on upper body and core, and the site and TV make it easy to find workouts that fit this need.

Happy Fat Burning!