I recently read an article in Self about the “Secrets of Happy Eaters” and it got me thinking about the way I approach food versus how Jared approaches food.

According to the article, about 75% of women eat, think and behave abnormally about food.  I’m not surprised by this at all.  For instance, compare a food outing you’ve recently had with your girlfriends to one you might have had with just your boyfriend/spouse/brother/guy friends.  In most cases, I would imagine your girlfriend outing led to more self-deprication in the eating arena than an outing with your guy friend.  (Hence why I love going out to eat with my guy friends….less guilt!).

In all of these instances, however, we are completely responsible for how we think about the way we eat.  Hence the term Happy Eater. I would describe most guys as happy eaters, such as Jared.  Some traits?  The article states that happy eaters:

A lot about this article hit home for me with the way I think about food versus the way someone like Jared might think about food.  When we go out to eat, Jared never beats himself up the next day over what he ate, or how many hours he needs to exercise to work it off.  He approaches exercise and healthy eating with a “This is the healthy thing to do and it feels good” attitude that I wish I could adopt, rather than the “I must do this to lose 30 pounds” mentality.

Let me stress that being a happy eater by no means signifies that you eat whatever you want to, and gain weight with abandon.  Happy eaters are aware of what’s healthy, and what’s not, which makes them more successful overall at keeping food in perspective.

By following the advice laid out in this article, I think we, as females, can begin to create a culture of happy eaters who can relish food while still maintaining a healthy, positive weight and outlook on eating.   So, next time you get together with your girlfriends or are eating alone, for that matter, keep in mind these 25% of women who have a positive relationship to food and make it your mission to increase that number!