I wouldn’t say I’m particularly brand loyal when it comes to face wash.  In fact, over the course of these few years I’ve been writing, I’ve probably reviewed about 3-4 different facial cleansers.  All of them have worked great, and for that reason, I haven’t seen the need to stick with just one product.

I received a coupon for L’Oreal Go 360 Clean face wash, and decided to give it a try.  The commercial actually caught my attention with the little scrubber.  After reading about how wash cloths can hang onto a lot of bacteria, I’ve been looking for ways to wash without using one.  Sure, washing with just your hands is fine, but I always feel like I’m not quite doing a great job.

The Scrublet, as it is called, pops right out of the bottle for easy access and storage.  The Scrublet has a nice feel, with soft “bristles” for lack of a better word that are flexible and not too rough on your face.  I’m doing a poor job explaining them, but they’re like bendy little things that stick out of the disk.  Just look at the picture, lol!

The wash itself is gel based, which I haven’t used in awhile.  One small drop on the Scrublet works up an incredible lather.  And let’s face it, it’s fun to use.  Makes me feel like I’m getting a spa treatment each time I use it, which I think is the whole appeal to females like me.  The scent of the wash is a bit strange to me, but is apparently supposed to smell like naranji, orange flower, and mint.  I wouldn’t say I catch all of those, but it does smell clean and not too “medicine like.”

After using the disk and the wash, my face does feel noticeably smoother.  I haven’t had too many problems with breakouts yet since using, so I’ll consider that a success.  The only issue I am struggling with is some dryness, however, that could be attributed to weather changes as well.

For around $7 a bottle, I’m anxious to see how long this lasts.  While it’s definitely a nice wash and the Scrublet is neat, I’m honestly not sure I’m willing to pay that much for a face wash that works similarly to other ones I’ve used.  I have some concerns about the Scrublet being clean after so many uses, but I’m sure if I soak it in hot water once a week or so, that should take care of it!  Overall, it’s  a great product with great benefits; just not sure the cost is justified at this point in time.