What a surprise, I’m talking about another discount site!

I first heard of Groupon from my friends in DC who were using it for things like discounted meals, show tickets, and other awesome wonders.  Assuming it was just something offered in big cities, I ignored it for awhile.  I recently discovered that there was a North Jersey section, so I signed up.

The way Groupon works is this:  users that sign up receive a great deal on things to buy, eat, see and do in their area.  The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people sign up to buy.  Once that minimum is reached, the coupon is active and can be taken to the local place of business.  Groupon states that typically users save between 50-90%.

Unfortunately for me, with NYC so close, the North Jersey deals are the closest option and aren’t really well targeted to what I consider North Jersey.  So far, nothing has been super relevant for me.  In fact, most of the target areas are closer to New York City than to what I would consider North Jersey.  Today’s deal is for discounted dance lessons at “Dance with Me” in Ridgefield or Glen Head.  The savings is apparently 53%, and so far 7 people have bought into the deal.  There is a 25 person minimum.  The great thing about Groupon is how up front they are about the deals.  They share limitations, expirations, etc. right on the page so there’s no “fine print” to read through.

I think Groupon is probably a fabulous site if you live in a major city.  However, for us rural dwellers, I’d be a bit surprised to see anything come through I’d want to take advantage of.   Not going to rule it out, though, because I’m sure as more people sign up, Groupon will be able to expand into the smaller areas with some more targeted deals.  For now, it’s a great idea, and I can’t wait to see how it grows.