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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  That special time when every other Facebook post you read says “Sick” or “Not feeling so great”.  I could spend this post talking about how attention-seeking I think it is to post such things on your wall, but I won’t.  Instead, I’ll talk about the flu shot.

Jared and I just got ours last week, and, as every time, we were assaulted with opinions from those we told.  While some people agree that getting a flu shot is necessary, others will pontificate on the so-called “dangers” of the shot.  So, let’s talk about the facts.

First, let’s dispell the myth that the flu shot makes you sick.  The shot DOES NOT contain the live virus, so it is literally impossible to get sick from it.  People typically assume the flu shot makes them immune to every cold of the winter season, which is not true.  If you do get sick, it’s likely not the flu but some other fun cold.  The worst side effect you’ll likely experience from the flu is a sore arm.  Personally, I’ve never even experienced that.

Vaccine experts voted earlier this year that everyone 6 months and older should get a flu shot.  For more facts about who should and who should not receive the flu shot, visit the CDC’s Web site.

A lot of companies offer on-site flu shots.  For those that do not have that luxury, check with your insurance provider.  Insurance companies will often set up temporary stations in grocery stores to provide the flu shot (which is exactly what Jared and I did).  If you don’t have insurance, check out places like CVS or Walgreens to see what the flu shot may cost from their pharmacies.  Search your local area here.

Take care of yourself this cold and flu season!


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