Before we moved to Martinsville, my manicurist told me that her boyfriend’s family owned a restaurant and ice cream shop there called Gabriel’s Fountain.  I of course forgot about it until we moved there, and drove right past it while exploring.  While Martinsville doesn’t really have what I would consider a “Main Street”, Gabriel’s Fountain is located in the heart of the shops that make up the majority of the main center of town.

Jared and I went for ice cream once at Gabriel’s Fountain, and found the selection to be fabulous.  When my sister came a few weeks ago, we decided to check out dinner.  Gabriel’s Fountain was also kind enough to send us a multitude of coupons when we moved in, and who can resist a cheaper meal?

The atmosphere of Gabriel’s Fountain is interesting.  Frank Sinatra music is on repeat, and the decor is very homey.  The menu is pretty extensive for what I always thought was a small place.  From burgers to pizza to chicken and seafood, there really is something there for everyone.

My sister and I went for the burgers.  Each burger gives you a choice of beef, chicken or garden, making it vegetarian friendly for sure.  In addition to the delicious, seemingly homemade chips we got upon sitting down, I went for the sweet potato fries as an addition.  Totally worth it.  Jared got a pizza, which was a great size and made exactly the way he wanted it with toppings of his choice.

Dessert is really the main event here. The ice cream and topping lists are endless, and the sundaes are too tempting. Jared and I split a Peanut Butter Slam Jam, which I have subsequently dreamed of for nights on end.  This was a dessert that even I couldn’t finish with Jared’s help.  Kelly got a cup of ice cream with a topping, a much more reasonable option.  They have a whole list of cakes and cookies as well, which is really just too much!  But definitely worth it.

Gabriel’s Fountain is an excellent, local restaurant choice for families and couples alike.  While they do not have a liquor license, it is BYO so you can’t even complain about that (except that we didn’t know on our first trip!).  I can see this being a dangerous stopping place in the summer for ice cream, but hey, it supports the local economy, right?

My rating:  10/10

Gabriel’s Fountain
1948 Washington Valley Road
Martinsville, NJ 08836