I’ll be the first to admit it-holiday shopping for four families is hard.  While we have created some new Secret Santa traditions with most sides of our families, there are still people that stump me every year-including my husband!  I’ve consulted gift guide after gift guide, and I never find the suggestions to be particularly relevant.

This year, Shop Smart had a list of gifts as well as Web sites with unique gift ideas.  Yet again desperate for new ideas, I went straight to the Web to see what was worth it.  Uncommon Goods proved itself to be my top choice.

Uncommon Goods is exactly what it says it is-a site that has a plethora of unique gifts and products.  Considering most of our shopping these days is for adults that don’t really need much, I like to play the unique part up as much as possible.  However, sometimes it’s hard to find unique gifts that are practical and not totally off beat.  Uncommon Goods marries unique and practical very nicely.  Even better is the fact that they feature a number of handmade goods and keep the environment in mind with all of their production decisions.  Plus, a portion of each order is donated to a charity that you get to choose upon check out.

While I can’t reveal exactly who we shopped for on this site quite yet, I can say that the selection was absolutely perfect for this person’s taste.  Checkout was simple, and the best part was the timely delivery.  We chose the lowest option since we didn’t need it right away.  We ordered on Friday the 17th and our order arrived on Monday the 20th.   Pretty awesome!

The structure of Uncommon Goods makes it easy to find whatever you may be looking for last minute or beyond the holidays.  I have to admit, I thought the prices would be outrageous since some of the products are hand made, but the prices are extremely reasonable.  You can find some great gifts for under $25 by sorting by price.

Happy Shopping!