I love this time of year.  Everyone’s making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, while those of us that have always committed to that goal are revising our plans and continuing to keep up with the usual, envying those who begin to drop pounds immediately.  The upside of this is that the New Year’s advertising by health and fitness experts allows us to easily incorporate some variety into our routines!

I’ve talked about my great love for Exercise TV before, and how convenient the plans are.  I downloaded the 10 Pound Slimdown about 2 weeks ago and am now in Week 3 of the routine.  While I can’t say I ever believe a plan that promises you’ll lose that much weight, it never hurts to try a new routine.

Chris Freytag is the trainer for this video, and I was familiar with her through a video I bought awhile ago by Prevention.  I was a little worried the workouts wouldn’t be challenging enough after I’ve worked out with the likes of Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels, but this series is actually pretty great.  The printable calendar instructs you regarding which workouts to do each day, rotating through a series of 5 workouts with 2 days off. I’m always attracted to workouts that build in two days off.  While I’m certainly committed to working out, sometimes it’s just not possible to get in a full 7 days, nor is it healthy.  Your muscles need time to rest!

Chris Freytag uses circuit training to take you through 20-25 minutes of lower body, upper body, core, yoga and a total body blast.  While yoga isn’t my thing, I have tried the other 4 and found them to be pretty effective for only 20 minutes.  The moves are challenging enough to keep me huffing and puffing, but not so challenging that I can’t complete them with good form.

Using the free plan on the TV still gives me access to each workout video, as well as the calendar and meal guide.  The DVD costs about $20 and to download the workouts it’s about $15.  I don’t think the workouts are longer if you pay for them, so I’m constantly wondering what the appeal is.  Perhaps they won’t always be available?  Whatever the case, breaking up a week’s worth of work into 5 20 minute segments has allowed me to stick to a plan and not skip days due to the fact that “I don’t have time”.  This is a great place to start, whether you’re making resolutions or renewing your commitment to feeling great!