I’m pretty old school when it comes to some things.  When I upgraded to the iPhone two years ago, it pained me to get rid of my hands free set-up that plugged into the phone.  Archaic now in the age of Bluetooth, but I loved that thing.  And to be honest, the Bluetooth headset I bought annoyed me.  It didn’t feel great in my ear, and I don’t think people could hear me that well.  But I don’t care enough about these things to be proactive about it.

I’m lucky I have a husband who does stay up to date on phone accessory technology!  We needed to go to Costco for a party we were having, and he had seen a coupon for the Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth.  The deal seemed great:  the Jabra Cruiser2 only cost us around $50, compared to some prices I’ve seen that go up to $70.  Since I don’t care that much about my bluetooth, I’d never pay that much for one.  I have to admit, paying $50 took some convincing too, but it’s worked out really well.

The Jabra Cruiser2 clips to my sun visor and has a huge speaker, so nothing goes in my ear.  I simply turn it on when I get in the car, and it automatically connects with my phone through bluetooth.  When my phone rings, the speaker “rings” as well, and an automatic voice reads me the name of the caller.  I then press a large button on the speaker to answer the call.  No looking down, no fumbling with touch screens-just a simple reach and touch. Sound clarity has been fine, with no complaints about not being able to understand what I’m saying.

As for battery, the Jabra Cruiser claims to last for 14 hours talk time and 20 days standby.  I bought this in December, and I’ve charged it twice since then.  This thing holds battery probably 5-6x better than my bluetooth headset did.  It comes with an in-car charger, and has just been a really convenient option for me given how infrequently I need to use it.  I never have to worry it’s not charged, since it holds a charge so long, so I’m never left hanging.

Another cool feature is the FM transmitter.  By pressing a button on the side of the Jabra, I can program it to play through my car audio. I’ve used this to play Pandora wirelessly from my phone through the speakers of my car.  Pretty awesome, right?  The quality has been pretty good, albeit a bit static-y depending on the area, but still just a neat feature for music lovers and commuters that want variety.

For the price, the Jabra is a great option for commuters and other long distance travelers.  Well worth its $50 for sure!