Your Favorite Bloggers!

Your Favorite Bloggers!


Thanks for visiting my blog!  This blog started out as a joint venture between Jared and myself in an effort to keep all our restaurant reviews and travel logs in one place.  However, I’ve kind of taken it over due to my love of writing.  🙂

What started out as a blog geared toward our outdoorsy and food related adventures has really morphed into an eclectic mix of my thoughts and plans.  From planning our May 2010 wedding to buying our first home in September 2010, you’ll see that topics really run the gamut from wedding planning, house hunting, decorating, comparison shopping, eating, and general health and fitness.

As a marketer I have a strong interest in what’s happening in the advertising/online media/TV space.  Any time I see a great site or blog, I’m bound to feature it on here as a resource.  I love interacting with other bloggers and reading what they have to say.  Keep your suggestions coming!

Thanks for reading!