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I’ve been reading a lot about dating in a recession lately.  Which sort of makes me mad, in a way, because it almost implies to me that you can’t have fun or impress your significant other unless you spend money.  As someone who grew up without a lot of money, I always take issue with the sentiment that if you don’t have it, you’re not really living.

But to my point.  🙂  Since Jared and I are both semi-happy owners of the iPhone, we received a text message letting us know that if we went to the Bridgewater AT&T store, we could recieve 4 free tickets to a Tuesday night Somerset Patriots game.  Great promotion, AT&T!  We’ve been thinking about going, but just needed that extra push.  I’m such a pushover for free things….

For those that don’t know, the Somerset Patriots are part of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, and are actually pretty decent (they’ve captured four Championship Series titles!).  You can read more about them on Wikipedia, always a great source for knowledge, lol.

I happen to enjoy live sporting events, particularly baseball, so I would consider this a fun date.  Our tickets, as I mentioned, were free, and there really is no “bad” seat in the house.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the highest price you pay for tickets is $12.50.  How great is that?  You’ll never get a Yankee ticket for that!

While food and beverage always make a date a bit more expensive, if you eat dinner somewhere else and just get a snack at the game, it shouldn’t be that bad.  Beers will run you about $5.50, so drink with caution!

Overall, a great night and a fun way to spend a summer night!  Go Patriots!  (And thanks, AT&T!!)