I’ve been getting annoyed lately with the recommendations people have been given me related to our wedding.  I am fully aware that everyone means well, but to say “Well, you really have to do it this way” in one breath, followed by “But it’s your day” is hypocritical.

I came across “A Practical Wedding” today and was struck by the advice in the post linked to.  This line in particular stuck out to me:

“So they’ll tell you that you need to wear a big poufy dress, or have a steak dinner, or throw a garter, and and and and and. But you don’t. And you shouldn’t trust people who say you need X to have a wedding, just like you shouldn’t trust people who say you can’t have X to have a wedding. You shouldn’t trust people who tell you how much or how little you need to spend, or what you need to wear, or the vows you need to make.”  Original post here

This blogger truly hits the nail on the head:  it’s our day, and yes, we are going to have to say no to people to get the things we really want.  If something truly doesn’t fit my personality, there are no rules saying I have to do it because that’s what “everyone” does.  When the advice givers and naysayers and pushy Web sites/vendors  have their own weddings, they can do whatever they want, but if we don’t stick up for ourselves now, we’ll end up with things that truly are not us.  And what’s the point in that??

Here’s to all the brides out there learning how to make their own voice and style heard!  I’m with you!